CARRTEL - Alpine Center for research on trophic networks and limnic ecosystems


Exploring aquatic systems

CARRTEL contributes to the understanding of how human and climate change affect essential resources and fundamental ecological functions  within aquatic systems and their watersheds, and how this affects ecosystem services such as food, drinking water, biodiversity, maintenance of aquatic fauna and flora, water flow regulation, transfer and sequestration of nutrients or pollutants. You can view our ongoing research themes from : Research Axes, Projects or Personal Webpages.


27 October 2023

Redaction: ED

Post-Doc Offer - DNA metabarcoding: diatom biomonitoring 2024-2026

Post-Doc Offer - DNA metabarcoding: diatom biomonitoring
Summer school « Biomarkers for Lakes Ecological Monitoring» Thonon les Bains 26-30 June 2023
Concours INRAE 2023 pour une Chaire DR Junior sur Thonon les Bains