About OLA Observatory and experimentation on LAkes

OLA Database - OLA website.

The aim of the OLA, long-term Observatory and experimentation on LAkes,  is to provide quality scientific data to understand and ultimately model the evolution of the state and ecological functions of lake systems subjected simultaneously to a change in local and climatic anthropogenic pressures. 

The four great natural peri-alpine lakes (lakes Aiguebelette, Annecy, Bourget and Léman) are at the center of this observatory , thanks to the ecological monitoring process initiated on these systems for several decades. Other lake sites have joined the OLA more recently, especially mountain lakes. 

After being labed SOERE (long-term observation and experimentation system for environmental research) by the National Research Alliance for the Environment (Allenvi) in 2010, OLA is currently included in the national research infrastuctures AnaEE-France (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems) and IRLIFE (Living in Freshwater and Esturaries).

Main OLA's actions:
> Long-term limnological monitoring of lake conditions (biological, physicochemical, geochemical)
> Research projects to study the evolution of key lake processes (e.g. biomass production, oxygen depletion, C transfers, algae blooms)


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